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There are over 7B people alive. ...

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Just a thought I've been reflecting on. So many people on the planet and so relatively few interactions. Even if you devoted your entire life just to meaningful interaction with others and had nothing else to do but "network for the heck of it", what limitations would you run into?

You'd run into the fact that it's better to have deep interactions with a few than light interactions with many. Light interactions with many can leave people feeling lonely. 

I guess that means that how you pick those "few" is so incredibly important and sort of shifts the question a bit to something like "how best to choose the people you love" and even "can you choose the people you love".

We actively choose every day who we want to spend time with. So that's where there is choice.

I'm of the belief that we become more like the people we spend time with.

If we don't like who we're becoming, we should evaluate who we spend time with.

If we actively choose every day who we want to spend time with, then we've framed what is one of the most important aspects of our lives as a *search* and with any search, you have to have a good heuristic. In this case I suppose our search heuristic is the *wisdom* to balance the degree of exploration vs exploitation at each step to maximize the meaningfulness of those deep interactions. My temptation at this point is to now come back full circle to the stats and start to think about the "best odds" of how to manage explore/exploit in that search. (Each step of this convo is pretty interesting so far. I'm enjoying it.)

I'm enjoying this convo, too!

I think the key is pruning the search space -- and pruning the time with people who make us unhappy.

And, specifically, when someone in our lives is making us miserable, acknowledging that.

Acknowledging it is more than an admission.

It's actively working to reduce the time that person has with us.

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