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Has LinkedIn Crossed An Ethical Line?

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Interesting take on whether charging for linkedin's premium services is ethical as it rewards those willing to shell out a few more bucks, rather than rewarding the most deserving. thoughts are welcome!

I don't think of it as unethical. I think of it as opportunistic.

I don't believe LinkedIn was ever intended for the deserving over those who can pay.

It has always been business-focused, as long as I can remember. Almost 10 years!

As long as it is transparent that those profiles on top are paid - I think it is OK.  Also, from financial standpoint - I am, possibly, making assumptions, but I suspect those jobs that are posted on LinkedIn are paid decent enough wage to afford potential candidates to shell out a fee for a couple of months. If this system is designed correctly, it should be self-regulating - why would a company hire an "undeserving" candidate?  And why would a candidate keep paying the fee if they get no valuable leads?

I think you're right, Masha. And yes, transparency is key to ethics. 

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