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Jerry Seinfeld Intends to Die Standing Up -

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Jerry Seinfield's method for mastery.

He does standup because he loves it.

Because Seinfeld’s big post-“Seinfeld” projects have been few and far between — the stand-up documentary “Comedian” (2002), the animated children’s film “Bee Movie” (2007), the reality-show misfire “The Marriage Ref” (2010), which he produced and appeared on as a judge — you might assume that he whiled away the last decade on a private island somewhere, racing Spyders and fanning himself with royalty checks. Instead, since 2000, Seinfeld has spent a portion of nearly every week doing stand-up. He is on track to do 89 shows this year, plus private appearances, which shakes out to about two performances a week. He’s living the life of a road comic, albeit one who sells out 20,000-seat London arenas and schleps to gigs via chartered planes rather than rented subcompacts.

More on his work ethic:

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