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Huckberry | On The Road, Again

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A recent film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's On The Road went all Diet Coke on the author's original work by casting the guy from Tron: Legacy, an actor who possesses an emotional range of about two to three faces, to play Neal Cassady (Dean Moriarty in On the Road), a man widely considered to be one of the most animated and electric humans in American literary history. 

(Seriously, Hollywood? That guy? To play this guy? Are the teenagers not buying enough movie tickets?).

He makes an excellent point.

Ben Gibbard would make an excellent Kerouac. 

Here's a song Ben wrote about him.  <This song recounts a short visit to Bixby Canyon in Big Sur, California. In the summer of 1960, nearing the end of his career as a Roman candle, Jack Kerouac, poet-hero of the Beat Generation, narrated an existential crisis as he succumbed to the alcoholism that had all at once inspired, plagued, and would in many ways come to spectacularly define him. That narrative became one of Kerouac's final books, entitled Big Sur, complete with vivid and horrifying accounts of alcohol withdrawal and its famed delirium tremens. Gibbard sings about following Kerouac's road from San Francisco to the craggy coast of Big Sur, where he retraces the legendary poet's penultimate steps, if not the behavior which would finally lead to his early demise..>

More of Ben's thoughts here:

C'mon, awesome.  At 2:20,  "You can't see a dream ....."  "a dream, a dream, a dream" eventually drowned out by the pounding drums.

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