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How to Write Your Way to the Top of Your Industry | Copyblogger

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The whole article is worth reading but this part is essential:

Start with the right attitude

Jeff Goins is right: you are a writer as soon as you decide to take your writing seriously.

Even if you don’t plan to hang out a shingle and make your living writing for other people, if you approach the writing you do for your own business like a pro, your work will improve steadily over time.

That means studying freely available resources on writing. It means investing small amounts in building a reference library of writing books.

And it means approaching your writing like it’s vital to the success of your business (because it is).

Writing resources here on Copyblogger

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Listen and learn: John Carlton shares his colorful story and some delicious copywriting nuggets in these two interviews with Robert Bruce.

A simple technique that’s often forgotten, spelled out by Sonia Simone, How to Be a Copywriting Genius: The Brilliantly Sneaky Trick You Must Learn

And then there’s the definitive glossary of copywriting tips by Ali Luke, Copywriting Essentials from A to Z

Copyblogger is awesome! Love this article!

Me too -- will look for more articles from there to share.

This particular article is great because we all need to write to do business well:

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