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32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow - Interactive Feature -

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The Shutup Gun does sound wonderful but I really liked #15: The Kindness Hack.

"Researchers at Wharton, Yale and Harvard have figured out how to make employees feel less pressed for time: force them to help others. According to a recent study, giving workers menial tasks or, surprisingly, longer breaks actually leads them to believe that they have less time, while having them write to a sick child, for instance, makes them feel more in control and “willing to commit to future engagements despite their busy schedules.” The idea is that completing an altruistic task increases your sense of productivity, which in turn boosts your confidence about finishing everything else you need to do. Catherine Rampell"

I agree. I chose the most interesting picture; well, I would have done the hangover picture but didn't want to imply that I need that since I've never been hungover. :)

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