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Is there any way to unjoin all groups one is a member...

Is there any way to unjoin all groups one is a member of? I've decided to de-joke-ify my facebook profile but it would take forever to manually un-join the 200+ groups I blithely accepted invites to. ☺
8:46 AM Jun 15 2009

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I never did this.

Well there is an easier way

Settings > application settings > Groups > My groups (top left) > Leave group

I'm sure if you give your access code to the Obama administration, they'd take care of your problem. ;-)

Matthew. That's what I meant by "manually". There's a harder way??? I want to leave all groups with one click. I tried uninstalling the groups app but that can't be done.

I believe the harder way would be getting Facebook to remove every single one of them after successfully making the case that they were too offensive to remain. I don't know if that would technically count as "unjoining" but the effect is the same. (No, I don't know an easy way to mass-remove groups.)

Would just dropping the loudest groups be a start?

Well yes thats the easiest way manually that i've found lol. Come on lazy, just delete 5 a day and its done :)

I think we shouldn't give the Obama idea short shirt. I'm sure someone in his administration would be happy to "fix" your profile for you. ;-)

Start a new account

Mike, there's no good way I know of to un-join 200 groups except manually, one at a time. Even now.

The only one-click way is, as they point out, to start a new account.

This is Facebook's punishment to people for being jokey.

Don't get me started on the ads they're targeting at me because they think they know what I like.

I used to get a lot of ads for plus-sized tranny clothes. I was never able to figure exactly why.

"Used to"?!

I wonder why they stopped.

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