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iOS5 + itunes 10.5

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About two minutes into my iOS5 updgrade for my iphone4, I got an email from a friend of mine that there were problem. My response was, "Oh no! Too late!" Twenty years of software has taught me never to never stop something once it's started. It's an offshoot of the "pick a lane and stick in it" theory.

Here are my first thoughts.

88 minute download on a 2.5Mbps connection

The screen looks sharper, they've shrunk some of the items and it looks like the lines and fonts are crisper. It feels like a new phone without having to buy a 4s.

iCloud is clever, the setup is easy; they let you store any music you want on there and keep official copies, there's no syncing back and forth from itunes to iphone and vice versa, if you buy a song or app one place, it's just there at the other. I won't use it for email though as my Google mail and calendaring is great.

Sync over Wifi is built in now instead of a $10 app, but I still have to plug it in to charge, so I am not fully embracing it yet.

Email lets you store up to 1,000 messages on the phone instead of the old 200. This is by far the best new feature.

Twitter is "built in" instead of an app, I don't see the difference other than the settings are in another place.

That annoying Nike+iPod thing that you couldn't get rid of is finally gone...oops spoke too soon, they just buried it deeper find-my-phone is now shareable with friends, so your friends can find you too. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it's odd they let you turn it off when you want.

There's a Newstand that looks just like your iBooks that's asking you to download and buy stuff that pushed my perfectly laid out apps off the front page and onto a page two with two icons. I went into itunes and re-arranged everything back again.

Reminders looks far more useful than the Tasks ever was. I swapped my Tasks icon out for the Reminders one on my first screen.

There's 7 screens, are there as many as you need? I was able to unbundle a lot of my sub-folders and better arrange them.

itunes 10.5, doesn't lock up half the time when you launch it with the iphone plugged into the usb cable, probably from the new driver.

The new calendar view is great. When you turn it sideways, it shows a more detailed view by switching from month view to week view.

Pull down notifications are nicer. There's nothing more annoying that being in the middle of an angry birds launch and having your timing screwed up and your view occluded by a notification from words with friends.

The pull down handling of notifications is much nicer.

The notifications got rid of the blue and switched to glossy black.

I guess black is the new blue. It looks nice either way.

Thanks for this review of iOS 5, Greg.

In many ways this is the better, faster version of iOS with no radical changes other than iCloud and (if you own iPhone 4S) Siri.

Is that a fair assessment?

I haven't used Siri, but the video looks neat. I rarely use Voice Control, though it seems to work fairly well for phone calls. My old Nokia 8800 did voice calling very well too. Siri just seems like the same thing except adding text and speaking the answers.

Either way, my iphone4 feels refreshed. I haven't tried my old Motorola Bluetooth headset that didn't work with the old iOS or my wife's Sync system in her car yet, so the verdicts still out on whether they went back and fixed their legacy bluetooth support.

Well, I'm stoked that iPhone 4 feels refreshed. I ordered a white iPhone 4s.

Meanwhile, Siri answers 10 absurd questions:

You neglected to tell me that upgrading to iOS 5 deletes all of your downloaded apps AND all of your app data.

That is a giant pail of fail. And not the good kind of FAIL.

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