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A Technique for Producing Ideas

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Warren Buffett has no problem sharing the secrets of investing in his shareholder letters (I recommend the real thing but if you’re pressed for time you could do worse than the Cliff Notes version.)

Thanks - will definitely read.  


The concept of interconnection has bounced around the walls of PandaWhale since its inception so this isn't news, but I like that the James Webb Young bifurcated the approach:

The second important principle involved is that the capacity to bring old elements into new combinations depends largely on the ability to see relationships.

Here, I suspect, is where minds differ to the greatest degree when it comes to the production of ideas. To some minds each fact is a separate bit of knowledge. To others it is a link in a chain of knowledge. It has relationships and similarities. It is not so much a fact as it is an illustration of a general law applying to a whole series of facts.

…Consequently the habit of mind which leads to a search for relationships between facts becomes of the highest importance in the production of ideas.

With this in mind — ideas are new combinations and that “the ability to make new combinations is heightened by an ability to see relationships” — we can now get down to the business of how ideas are actually produced.

This involves 5 steps.

Which are at this link:

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