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Why the sudden interest... | Dogs vs Cats

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I logged onto Pinterest for the first time in 8 months today to post a pic my sister sent me.  Somehow Pinterest automatically set my account up to follow some jackoff who reposts dozens if not hundreds of knick knack art, crafts, womens fashions, and generally a whole bunch of stuff I'm not remotely interested in.

I go to his account and somehow I am following him.  I unfollow him and refresh my board.  It's still spammed with stuff from him even though I am no longer following him.  I find a flag and block him and then refresh my page and it still has all his crap littering up my page. 

Why and how did my account follow him in the first place?  Apparently he has over a million followers.  I'm guessing it's some sort of commercial paid, automatic opt-in that Pinterest does.  I find that pretty offensive.  Second, you'd think that if I block someone and then shift-refresh my page it would block their spam crap from littering up my pages.

I guess Pinterest has gone way downhill.  I wonder what they'll look like another 8 months from today.

You make some excellent points. It des feel like Pinterest is going downhill.

It looks like they had one great format/design that turned out to be a fad.  I still think their layout was a great and creative breakthrough, but it's the content.  It's only a matter of time before they start spamming my Pinterest account with Racoon coats, if they haven't already!

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