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The U.S. Department of Agriculture approves a new label for GMO-free meat

genetically modified animal

In June, Claire Herminjard, a purveyor of organic grassfed beef, received some great news. After nearly a year of making her way through red tape and government paperwork, and collaborating with several other food companies, the news broke that the U.S. Department of Agriculture had approved a new label for GMO-free meat. As a result, the owner of Northern California-based Mindful Meats could finally use the Non-GMO Project Verified label on her beef.

The Woman Behind the New GMO-Free Meat Label | Civil Eats

And while the news likely flew under consumers’ radars, Herminjard was not alone in her rejoicing. Mary’s Free Range Chicken and Hidden Villa Ranch, which distributes eggs nationally under the Horizon brand, are also be among the first round of producers to also carry the label.“It was a huge win for meat producers, in general, because now there is a way to say that you’re working outside the  genetically modified organism (GMO) system,” Herminjard told Civil Eats recently. “It also allows us to make the connection between meat and GMOs.”

genetically modified animal

What exactly is that connection? Well, on the surface, some might argue that organic brands don’t technically need a second label, since the National Organic Standards do not allow genetically engineered ingredients in any food that is certified organic.

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I had no idea so much of our meat is genetically modified. 

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