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RivalCast Media • View topic - Baron's Blitz: Review Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

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What strikes me most in the opening minutes of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is the soundtrack. It recalls for me a time when I first watched the original Friday the 13th where the screen opens black with a serenade of crickets in the brush. Soon enters the teens making out, laughing, moving ever closer to the sexual conquest when we, the viewer, suddenly realize we are watching this whole thing unwind from the killer's perspective. Slowly, the scene moves along, invoking each of our senses until the brutal conclusion overwhelms us with the fulfillment of well drawn out dread and suspense. Flash now to the opening of Amnesia. The door to the cell slowly opens, followed by footsteps fading into the distance and the closing of a door. We pass out in a haze and wake up on the bedroom floor disoriented. The room is well lit yet dark, and seconds later a bit that can only be best described as being ripped right out of a Varyar (show host and RCM owner) nightmare, the sound of children calling to us to come follow them. "Daddy...." the chilling voice of a young girl calls to you. "Come find us daddy..."We see shadows moving down the halls ahead of us. The mansion as we explore horribly shakes from unknown tremors making each crevice of the grand hall bleed its many years of forgotten dust. Doors are locked off, drawers stand empty, and each room vast in size. Somewhere down the hall a piano starts to play but no one is there. Doors convulse as you near them, as if some sort of creature were on the other side trying to smash its way through. A grandfather clock chimes quietly over your muffled breathing letting you know the hour is late. You enter an office...and the phone starts ringing. A hurried voice speaks to you but hangs up. Explore further and you find another phone. A man begs you to return to the machine and turn it on. You demand to know where are your children. They are being held, the voice responds, and if you help me, I will help you rescue them.Thus begins Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

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