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Manta is an analysis tool for small businesses - from Joyent

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As traffic swelled at online social store Wanelo, the relational database PostgreSQL became insufficient for logging and understanding what users were doing on the site, forcing the company to think about other options. Wanelo’s chief technology officer, Konstantin Gredeskoul, talked about the challenge on stage today at CloudBeat.

Data was coming in so fast that “at that time, you give up on trying to analyze the data,” he said, “because we’ll figure it out later. Let’s just start storing it. And that’s when we started hearing about Joyent’s Manta.”

Manta is an analysis tool for small businesses and was introduced by Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider Joyent in June. It represents a new direction for handling large swaths and a wide variety of data in public clouds. It performs the computational work right where the data sits — think of Amazon Web Services’ EC2 computation service sitting on top of the S3 object-storage service. The model speeds up jobs, enabling processing that’s closer to real time and allowing for novel types of computing in the cloud.

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