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A few days later, the question is asked!

I asked the question a few days ago, now others are seeing the same thing... very interesting, Tim Cook might be in hot water!

Apple decline

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Apple is settling into its role as the luxury brand of the markets it invented.

Apple is facing an existential threat, and this week's news suggests it has no clue about how to respond appropriately. Android now accounts for more than 80 percent of smartphone sales, while iOS is down in the mid-teens. This is a company that is slowly but surely losing the final stages of its war for the phone industry. Merely keeping the faithful happy is not working. Incremental upgrades are not going to stem the tide.

Eh, yes and no. Microsoft would LOVE to have Apple's share.

One thing that really bothered me in this article was "It's unfair to keep holding Apple to the same high expectations." I think this statement would make Steve Jobs sick to his stomache to hear. I think Tim Cook is going to be in hot water soon, if he isn't already. Steve Jobs would've innovated to the absolute limit and then moved on. He took the personal computer to the limit, simultaneously recreating the music industry with the ipod, then came the iphone, then came the ipad. All of these things were completely unseen innovations until Steve Jobs made them a reality. Now Tim Cook is just desperate and scrambling to upgrade something, when he should be creating the next big device that no one sees coming. Not even being an Apple fan (and still never owned an iphone) I am very disappointed in where they are right now, and with the excuse making. 

I bought the iPhone 5s and the iPad Air recently and both of them are the best iterations of that product line I've ever used. Apple has kept improving its products under Tim Cook's watch.

I'd still rather have an iPhone 5s and iPad Air than Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 or 10. That's a testament to Apple continuing to stay ahead of the alternatives on the market.

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