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Jonathon Youshaei: Learning From LeBron? Five Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From King James

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I love your point #1, Jonathan:

1. Always Tell a Story 

LeBron is not just some one-dimensional ball player. He tells a story, exudes personality, and people absolutely love watching him -- whether on the court, the set of Saturday Night Live, or hosting the ESPYs.

One of the smartest things LeBron did for his career was launch an inspirational documentary called More Than a Game. The film told the story of LeBron's upbringing in Cleveland. Pictures from his childhood and interviews from loved ones showed a side of LeBron we rarely see. The reviews came in strong -- commentary hailing James as a "positive role model" and the film as a "soul-stirring documentary" grew rampant. Justin Bieber actually did the same exact thing with his documentary, Never Say Never

As an entrepreneur, your story can often times be as interesting as your product. We want to see your human side. Any business you start should have some personable aspect to it, perhaps an ongoing blog or an "our story" page. How did you come up with the idea? What were the struggles? What does your office space look like? Bring us along for the ride. 

I think the key here is to have MANY stories, and pick the right story for any given situation.

By the way, it's interesting that your HuffPo piece does not have a picture of LeBron.

Do they discourage you from using pictures?

Do you know how to add pictures to comments on PandaWhale?

Hit edit, and then choose whether you want to add an image from a web page, search for images, or upload an image.

I think images make every page better...

Great article, thank you for sharing!

Thanks Adam. Huffpo doesn't discourage, it's just not the most seamless process to upload - but you're right, pictures do add a lot to the article.

On the other hand, it looks like it IS pretty seamless to add photos on PandaWhale! Thanks for detailing how to do it. I'll keep it in mind moving forward!

Jonathan, excellent.

We have found that having even one photo with a blog post substantially increases the number of people who will click through and read it.

I guess humans are wired for images.

And gifs. I love gifs!

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