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Is Timothy Ferriss the Self-help Guru We Deserve?

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Amusing profile of Timothy Ferriss in the New Yorker:

Juxtapose this with the magazine's coverage of Occupy Wall Street, particularly Hendrik Hertzberg's sensitive short about one 99-percenter:

The money quote for me:

"I did come away with a strong impression that the regulars include a lot of highly educated, marginally employed young adults like Kevin—people whose personal struggles in a blighted winner-take-all economy, along with the toxic futility of conventional politics, prompts them to seek unconventional ways to do something."

I was struck by the Silicon Valley version of entrepreneurship depicted here -- we can all argue about whether Ferriss is "ours", but the headline says he is -- being so relatively shallow... while the underemployed young people sleeping in Zuccotti Park have such amazing aspirations for entrepreneurship changing the world.

Our most successful entrepreneurs have been the beneficiary of the winner-take-all economy.

Tim Ferriss aspires to show people like that kid Kevin that he, too, could be an entrepreneur if he adopts work habits that are more creative and unconventional.

That sounds like a good message to me. It is Silicon Valley's fundamental message to the world, right?

The 4-Hour Vanguard Proletarian?

The 4-Hour Lobbyist.

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