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Evan Williams on Web People vs Dot Com People: Web people love the Web.

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Gregory Ferenstein writes how Evan Williams believes in people who love the Web:

Though Medium doesn’t have a solid business plan yet, there is a method to the madness of thinking about product first and money second (or third). Williams has a fascinating way of grouping business types in Silicon Valley between those who successfully managed companies through the dot-com bust (“Web People”) and those who packed up their empty bags and left (“Dot-com People”).

He explains that Web People “loved the web. We loved what was possible and we loved the creativity and we were in it to create; we weren’t in it to make money.”

So, when the bubble burst, Web People stayed — some ultimately making the (very) profitable products we all use today. “The Web People are more sustainable because they kept going. Because they’re driven to create, they’re attracted to the web because of its creative potential. They weren’t scared away when it seemed like it wasn’t an instant path to riches.” he explains, “They were persistent.”

Web people never give up. 

I truly like that quote. Ev is right. Web people are driven to create. 

Also, the Web is what has enabled us to survive and thrive. 

Mathew Ingram of Gigaom says Medium is working on a recommendation engine to weed out the bad:

Matthew Ingram includes this Ev quote about crap:

Williams, however, was unapologetic in his TechCrunch interview — saying despite the questionable quality of some of the content that shows up on the site, Medium is worthwhile because it helps to bring good content to light that might otherwise go undiscovered:

“People are going to publish crap on Medium… and guess what? There’s crap on Twitter. There’s crap on blogs. There’s crap on the Internet. And if we try to keep crap off the Internet, the Internet wouldn’t be important. The system’s working if there’s great stuff that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day and/or gets more attention than it would otherwise.”

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A great recommendation is worth a lot. 

A great recommendation engine is priceless. 

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