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Are funny people smarter than average?

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Laughter is an IQ Geiger counter.

Well, Not to everyone. In the past, I was trying to be funny on some job interviews and it did not work. All of my successful interviews been very serious and boring.

No one lends money to a person who cracks jokes, either.

Lending money is serious business.

All this said is humor = intelligence. It didn't say it's contextually and socially appropriate in all situations and it didn't say intelligence is the only quality that matters when evaluating someone.

I think of intelligent humor as wit.

So watch for the witty people. They're going places.

I believe that humorous people tend to be quick witted and always have an answer. Which as you can assume, most likely will be a joke (or try to be a joke). However, because of the quick display of humor and cleverness, they usually have the quickest and (most likely) the best option in an urgency.

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