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SEX AND POLITICS AT GOOGLE: It's A Game Of Thrones In Mountain View, by Nicholas Carlson, Business Insider

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Did he just say no fighting? All we do is fight.

Page said that, from now on, Google would have "zero tolerance for fighting."

Page admitted that Google, in its younger days, had demanded its leaders be aggressive with each other. But that, Page said, was when Google's problems were "linear" problems. Google had needed to grow the market share of all its products from 0% to competitive to winning.

Now, with Google leading the world in most of the product categories it competes in, the company faced what Page called "n-squared" problems. Google, Page said, needed to grow by "10X." It needed to create whole new markets, to solve problems in as yet unimagined ways.

To solve "n-squared" problems, Page said, Google executives would have to start getting along with each other better.

Finally, Page laid down the law: "If you keep fighting, we'll be very happy to send you to the competition."

During the speech, one of the executives who was in the room turned to a friend and whispered:

"Did he just say, 'zero tolerance for fighting? I've been here for years. All we do is fight."

He was right.

As another longtime Google executive put it: "If the princes [are at] war, it's because the king tolerates it."

The Kings of Google had been tolerating fighting for a very long time.

there needs to be more on this

The article features some excellent Game of Thrones scenes:

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