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Hugh Howey hails from a small town in Florida. He’s married, and has a dog. He wears Crocs and T-shirts. He lives in a smaller-than-you-might-expect house. He’s gregarious and enthusiastic when he meets you, and seems less inclined to talk about himself than about you: Where are you from? What are you up to? You might never get around to asking what Hugh does for a living, and that’s okay with him. While he’s worked a dozen or more odd jobs throughout the years, these days Hugh Howey is a New York Timesbestselling author.

He’s one of the more visible personalities among the wave of self-published success stories that have emerged in recent years. Wool, his breakout series, has been snapped up by hundreds of thousands of readers and its film rights have been optioned by none other than Ridley Scott and Steve Zaillian. Howey made news in 2012 when he signed a groundbreaking publishing deal with Simon & Schuster — clinging to his digital publishing rights while selling only print publication rights — and he remains one of only a handful of authors who have done so.

Howey recently published Dust, the novel that brings the Silo Saga to a close. The book sold some fifty thousand copies during the first week of its release — still a remarkable feat for a self-published book.

In the wake of that event, Howey and I sat down to chat about topics from the often-paralyzing fear that authors face to the charming story of how he met his wife, and gave her some homework.

Have you read his book? Any good?

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