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Bill Simmons breaks down the Richardson trade and makes Week 3 picks - Grantland

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oh my hometown...

Fine, maybe not. But I'm grabbing the points. The Vikings easily could have been blown out both weeks. They're 0-2 for a reason. Anyway, last week I mentioned RedZone host Scott Hanson calling the Browns the "Factory of Sadness" without realizing that that phrase came from Cleveland comedian Mike Polk (and this video) …

Apparently they make Factory of Sadness T-shirts and everything. I love that there's a "Cleveland comedian." Who knew those words were legally allowed to appear in the same sentence, especially this week, when they're sending me e-mails like this, from Scott in Cleveland:

"Having overcome the shock of the Browns tanking the season before fall begins (literally, it's only September 19th), I sent this email to my friends. It sums up being a Cleveland fan. 'I've been getting weekly junk emails from the Browns for years now and have just been deleting them in case there is really important or awesome news. I just got one about Sunday's game. I finally unsubscribed. Fuck the Browns. But we should still watch the game. Mike and I agree someone's house is probably best. I don't want to be seen in public in Browns gear. We can still usher in the Brian Hoyer era by getting drunk.' The really awful part is that I now have tickets to the seven remaining home games that are worth less than Jimmy Haslam's word at a trucking convention."

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