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Big Data – Lessons from Genetics and Bio-Statistics!

Big Data - Lessons from Genetics and Bio-Statistics - YOU CANalytics

The broad mechanism of using DNA as an information carrier to make protein is a well-known phenomenon, as shown in the adjacent diagram. However, as I have mentioned before on several occasions, the devil is in the details and so is all the fun. This is the task molecular biology tries to accomplish, to uncover every aspect of the DNA and protein in a particular normal or diseased tissue. If accomplished, we could eradicate diseases with a genetic basis like cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc.

Traditionally, molecular biology tried to study some specific region in the genome or a specific protein at a time. These specific regions are called genes – the region that codes all the proteins. There are roughly 30 thousand genes in the human genome. However, with the advent of a newer technique called genomics a researcher can study all the genes at the same time. This technique generates a plethora of data to be analysed. Yes, molecular biology has made the leap from small to big data through genomics.

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