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Top Ten Mistakes of Rebels at Work and One More for Good Measure

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Carmen Medina, former Deputy Director of the CIA, created this organization, "Rebels At Work," because she wants to help agents of change learn how to properly do that instead of fighting windmills and burning out. She seeks to teach large organizations that rebels aren't the enemy, they're often the cutting edge to getting to the next level of great. 

There are good ways to bring about change and bad ways to bring about change.

Stick to the good ways.

Not always easy in organizations that don't budge. What would you suggest?

Thanks for posting this, Dawn.  Stashing at work where I can see it 100 times a day.

Yes, I'm studying the chart. It's easy to go balls to the wall when it gets that frustrating, but a little politics and finesse goes a long way. 

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