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Under the Dome Season Finale Review: Well, What Did You Expect?

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We can all argue the value of a satisfying finale that gives some sort of semblance of closure and this was the opposite of that but then we'd be giving Under the Dome way too much credit for being an actual TV show. No, what happened was Barbie ended up with his neck in a noose on some hastily made gallows, Julia threw the egg in the water for absolutely no reason, the sky turned pink and the pink stars were falling upwards in lines, there was a giant firework in the sky, and the dome turned into an egg. Or it turned into the top of a ping-pong ball or Ben hot-boxed the dome or maybe it's Kermit the Frog's eye when he has a case of some dry skin on his face? Tilt your head to the side, you'll see it. 

Seriously, that season finale made LOST seem well thought through by comparison. Sheesh.

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