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NSFWCORP’s race to survive… The results are in | PandoDaily

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First off, I knew that writing candidly about our struggles was an incredibly high risk strategy. If, after being open about our fundraising needs, we failed to meet them, there would be no room for bullshit or bluster about how actually we’d always planned to pivot from day one. No. We’d have failed, and everyone would know it.

But, the potential benefits of transparency are significant. For one thing, radical honesty gets a lot of attention, by virtue of being so fucking unusual. And attention is a really useful thing when you’re looking for new investors.

As it turned out, another benefit (despite extreme cynicism from some quarters, which I’ll get to in a moment) is that, by being honest about our difficulties, we united our team and our subscribers in determination to get NSFWCORP out of the woods.

The whole story here:

Do you like NSFW? I find it unreadable.

I like this feature:

And I like the talent, Paul Carr.

I am convinced that there is a humor palate that is highly individualized.  For instance, I'm not a big fan of the spoof, mostly because they're usually taken too far.  Like, stop five minutes ago already.  I don't think NSFW will be a satisfying experience for everyone, or even for the majority.

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