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A Short History Of Government Shutdowns - NPR

A Short History Of Gov Shutdowns #tcot #tlot #ccot #teaparty #gop #foxnews #military #p2 #Obamacare #ctl
8:24 PM Sep 30 2013

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Wow - the comments are sizzly.

I can't really disagree with this guy(s):

Charles Tudor

Walter Freeman

8 hours ago

Healthcare won't become affordable until insurance companies are excluded except for catastrophic coverage, hospitals become non-profit again and their administrators start making less than a million dollars a year, and private medical corporations are eliminated. The only way to reduce the amount that the U.S. spends on healthcare is to reduce the fees and profits involved. Unfortunately, the Unaffordable Healthcare Act doesn't cover this. Didn't anyone notice that this law was supported by the AMA, the insurance industry, and the pharmaceutical industry? Any reduction in cost that anyone talks about with respect to the new healthcare law is going to consist only of shifting the source of money from individuals to taxpayers. The U.S. is still going to be paying double what other nations pay for healthcare.

Without support of the AMA, the insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical companies this law would never have passed.

It's better to make some progress than no progress. 

Aye aye I don't know if there's progress when medical costs keep going up.  But I'll take your word on it.

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