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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty vs The Real Life of Walter White

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<The story depicts a man whose extremely mundane life is constantly interrupted by the character's escapist fantasies. Whereas the fantasy Mitty is not scared of anything, the real one protests feebly, if at all, at demands that he behave cautiously. Similarly, the admiration bestowed on Mitty in the fantasies contrasts with much less pleasant interactions with real people - aside from being ordered around by his wife (who seems to genuinely worry about him, and wants to take his temperature to see whether he is sick), Mitty is yelled at by a policeman and a parking lot attendant, and laughed at by a woman who hears him say the words "Puppy biscuit". None of the fantasies end with Mitty winning through in each dangerous situation; the first four fantasies are interrupted, and the fifth ends with Mitty facing the firing squad.>

I keep coming back to Thurber's story.  Note:  Walter White died from a bullet wound from a "firing squad" of his own design in the fifth season.  So I wonder - is the story of Walter White the story of what would happen if Walter Mitty lived out his fantasies? 

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