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Grand Theft Auto V has found an even better way to separate gamers from their money - Quartz

Grand Theft Auto V has found an even better way to separate gamers from their money Quartz


According to research firm SuperData, GTA publisher Take Two Interactive stands to make another $200 million from downloadable content and in-game transactions in the coming year.


The biggest chunk of that will come from upgrades and expansion packs, but players are also expected to  exchange more than $40 million in real money for GTA’s in-game currency, which can be used to buy cars, guns, and even play the virtual stock market. Though GTA is not the first console game to try this, it is by the far the most high-profile. The entire video game industry will be watching, because companies sorely need to find ways to make money that go beyond selling shrink-wrapped boxes.

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EA also does this with Mass Effect 3 

Do you know anyone who has signed up for GTA V Online yet? I don't.

I also wonder how much money GTA V has grossed.

At least a billion dollars:

Ive been playing. Aside from server problems, there are some huge gameplay bugs. Basically its too expensive to do anything with the in-game cash. Im not sure if its to get people to pay real money for it (which i believe youre actually disabled from buying for the time being)  or not but it wouldnt matter because the game isnt saving progress properly. 

You lose money every time you die. Regardless of game type. You also have to buy ammo all the time. Unless you have a decent sized lobby and you win, you dont make much from matchmaking. There are free roam ways to make money but youll probably get griefed while doing it.

Luckily the core gameplay feels like its there. Its pretty fun to rob a liquor store, dodge the cops, then go to the next one and do it all over again.

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