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2013: More Small Businesses Embrace Bitcoin -

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I don't have a login. What's the main point of the article?

that's weird, i was able to read the entire article, and i don't have a login.

Basically it was a focus on the pictured fellow's Food and Mercantile goods business (3 stores) in the SF area.  He started offering/welcoming Bitcoin via stickers, went from one customer/week asking about it, to one customer/day using bitcoin to purchase goods.  Most of these customers are tech enthusiasts.

It then goes on to contrast this adoption with the lack of acknowledgment/consideration for the currency by larger retailers, like Home Depot: "We keep track of all options, but this isn't on our radar."  

"What would be the benefit to use Bitcoin over a CC that gives you airline miles?" asks someone on the big retailer side. Meanwhile, the SMB side cites the CC dispute system as a deterrent, and the finality of a Bitcoin transaction as a benefit.  

Not that broad of an article, I suppose, but I guess anytime a reporter finds a legit SMB to offer their perspective and support for the currency, it is note-worthy.  It is a hot topic this year.  All of the notable mainstream media coverage I'm finding (with decent research) has been from this year exclusively, with a lot of outlets simply reblogging/dickriding Dixon's PR.  Which is interesting since the concept is old/familiar by gamer/hacker/techie standards (but certainly still fresh in the long view).

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