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2011: Andresen on BitCoin and Virtual Currency | EconTalk | Library of Economics and Liberty

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Podcast Readings


About this week's guest:GavinThink. Gavin Andresen's blogAbout ideas and people mentioned in this podcast:Articles:

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, by Satoshi Nakamoto. Technical whitepaper, pdf.

"The Application of the Theoretical Apparatus of Supply and Demand to Units of Currency", by Edwin Cannan. Economic Journal vol. 31, pp. 453-461. 1921. Online at the Library of Economics and Liberty.

Competing Money Supplies, by Lawrence H. White. Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

Money Supply, by Anna J. Schwartz. Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

Milton Friedman. Biography. Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.Web Pages:, Video, and Blogs:

Making Money- Gavin Andresen. Non-technical video of Gavin Andresen talking about BitCoin. IgniteAmherst, AmherstMedia. Youtube, Feb. 17, 2011.

Bitcoin--a Digital, Decentralized Currency. Technical interview with Gavin Andresen about BitCoin. OmegaTau podcast 59, March 19, 2011.Selgin on Free Banking. EconTalk podcast. 

excellent "suggested reading" list.  how all serious periodicals should display info...

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