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Does your mind play tricks on you when it comes to food?

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Current theory is that both mind AND microbiome sway our food decisions.

Super fascinating example of how context affects outcome, Eric.

Very telling:

"Use smaller bowls. Don't rely on your willpower or the power of education. Don't say, "Now I know that I'm three times more likely to eat the first thing I see in my cupboard than the fifth thing I see in my cupboard ... but I won't let that influence me." It absolutely will!"

"People eat food that's on the table much more frequently than food that's off the table, so just put the salad and vegetables on the table. Leave everything else on the counter or stove."

*sigh* ... the lies we tell ourselve sometimes...

My personal lie: "I'll just eat one big thing once a day, then I won't have to waste time eating"... fast forward a few weeks and next thing I know, I'm buying chipotle 3 at a time... :-\

The tradeoff between time and food leads to poor food choices, I've found.

If I'm willing to take more time, I eat better.

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