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Iggy Pop at 65

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"Q: Has your relationship with your penis changed?

A: I would characterize it sort of like a powerful interest group within a political party at this point. It used to be the entire political party."

Oh Iggy... never change.

Oh no, there will be no taming of that stooge. I secretly still hope that Peaches & Iggy would "kick it" & introduce little Iggies to better this world.

She's 45 so having a kid would be challenging, no?


IVF, I wish. She probably didn't freeze her eggs. Sad face. But then again, she prob wouldn't want kids. Free bird. :)

Iggy Pop also has the most entertaining concert rider ever:

To not have children is to be free?

Freedom is in the eye of the beholder. Kids can be liberating (and are awesome), but my uneducated guess is that Peaches might see it another way.

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