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Go Big!

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Co-founder of Kabam talks about her own mental challenges to going big.

I had no idea Kabam had a woman co-founder. Thanks for the link!

I thought she had some good points.

1. Think Big. You have to WANT TO GET BIG, to have a chance at getting big. Kevin Chou (her co-founder) said, “You can never change the world, if you don’t plan on changing the world.”

2. Put Business Above All Else. You need to MAKE MONEY. Stephen Covey said, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

3.Turn Failure into Opportunity. See our best convos about FAIL. Henry Ford said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

It's not just Vinod Khosla who says #GETBIGGER.

Thanks, Joyce and Adam, for last night's event! That was easily one of the most illuminating and insightful talks I've attended over the last couple of years in the Tech/Startup community. And my thanks to Brett for hosting us; awesome job:)

Some of the key takeaways from @vkhosla who says #GETBIGGER:

1. Data reduction is going to be very valuable; is an interesting idea for startups.

2. Passion is the single biggest correlator to success.

3. Lots of products fail because people fail to engineer emotion into the product.

4. Become a part of somebody's daily habit. The best companies create a new experience or new habit.

5. Every problem is an opportunity. You don't get paid to solve non-problems.

6. The hardest part about the marketplace is kick-starting it with the right branding.

7. The freemium model works because people like to test something before they pay.

8. Don't constrain your model based on how you view the world. Think outside the box. Be less rigid.

9. Too many people, bcause it's in style, use the word 'social.' Please go against being buzzword compliant.

10. Your value proposition needs to be crisp and clear to users. Helping someone find a new job is an extremely crisp and clear value proposition.

11. The way to #getbigger is to not be one thing for everybody. Customize.

Great recap of Vinod's advice, Lisa!

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