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Is Microsoft Security Essentials the right anti-virus software?

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best section:

"by the time your anti-virus has gone into quarantine or delete mode .

you have already opened or downloaded or installed something bad .

and hopefully your anti-virus does it's job , and saves your ass ?

but all of us have been at that point .

where we are trying disparately to download something . 

that we must have .

so , when i know that my last download just has to be infected .

but i really want to open that zip folder .

i set up a manual restore point in system restore .

i turn on full scan , since 2009 - Microsoft Security Essentials .

i have used McAfee , Norton , AVG free, Security Essentials seems to be just as good .

[ or just as bad ]

now i open that zipped time bomb .

and expect the worse ."

My wife has friends:  I don't need virus protection as I know when my computer is infected. I think the majority of people just don't know any better.  My colleague had to do a presentation and a demo, but his laptop was dead.  There were two presenters in our session, so the CEO of an international banking and payments company said I could use his.  I went on his computer and opened a browser.  His whole system was completely swamped with spyware, malware, adware, and probably a lot more.  It's a constant losing battle for even the most cautious and diligent to keep a modern system healthy (don't worry, osx and linux are no exception), but having people just throw in the towels out of ignorance or exasperation is even worse. 

It drives me batty. 

I rarely get infections and i go places.  but i heed the warnings of my browser, make judgment calls on urls and downloads, and am backed up with capable resident protection and on-demand malware scanners.  ESET really is legit, a professional's tool.  Meanwhile Comodo, Avast, Antivir, Kaepersky are generally the most highly regarded and critically popular free tools.  The default Windows Defender is actually quite effective for most Windows users.  Overall, I find it surprising that people are still getting terminal virii, who don't know how to take care of their system, who have to format and do a full reinstall because of malware.  What is this 1995?

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