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Costolo Tweet Sparks Skirmish about Role of Women at Twitter - WSJ

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Kara Swisher remarked that Twitter's board of directors essentially is 3 Peters and a Dick:

Bunch of stiffs.


In all seriousness, do you think there's anything wrong for Twitter for never having any female investors or board members in seven years?

Of course there's something wrong with them.

Did Twitter reject female investors?

Hard to tell. They never say whose investment they rejected.

Or on what basis.

But we do know they've never appointed a female Board director in seven years.

That seems not right, given that over half of Twitter's user base is women.

True that, but they could argue they got where are just as they are.  Let's see what happens after the IPO.

They claim they want to hire a woman for the Board:

It just hasn't been a high priority.

Twitter's promise to beat the bushes harkens to "Binders Full of Women".

It does seem like benign neglect at the very least and quite possibly arrogance / apathy.

When Dick Costolo mocked the guy who pointed out that culture starts with the Board, it told us something about Dick Costolo. And the Board. And therefore the culture of Twitter.

Women have a far more effective communication system and community than Twitter.  I'm sure that's why they never participated nor invested in it.

Side note:  Vivek Wadhwa (who Costello mocked) is Vice President of Academics and Innovation, Singularity University.  

Also, he's a sweet guy. Dick mocking him makes Dick look like a Peter.

Oh that was a good one, Geege, "Twitter's promise to beat the bushes..."!  LOL!

I wondered how long it would take....

Took me a year and a half but I finally get it.

He who laughs last didn't get the joke. That's me. :)

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