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Google may Reveal Gem Smartwatch... Someday?

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The other news is that rumours are also going around that Google’s Gem could be built by Motorola. The report mentioned that the Gem would join the likes of Apple, and Microsoft and LG’s rumoured wrist-worn gadgets respectively. Samsung has already launched its Galaxy Gear, and Sony with its  Smartwatch 2 that is designed to work with any Android Smartphone unlike the Gear which only works with Samsungs Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1.

According to a recent study, more than 373 million smartwatches will ship by 2020 compared to the 15 million projected for 2014, which suggests that the watch could soon become a major part of the mobile market.

Google won't be happy until we're wearing Google Watch and Google Glass while using an Android tablet (aka "Tabloid") all running through wifi over Google Fiber while being driven around in a Google self-driving car, will they?

How many people bought the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch? No one!

Who the heck is buying a smartwatch in 2014? Nobody!

They're anachronistic (pun intentional).  I don't even wear a regular watch.  Where are these "studies" coming from?

Who bought a smart watch in 2014? Nobody!

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