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How to SKOAL!

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Let Max von Sydow teach you how to skoal with style and grace!

How old is MVS?!  He's been in film forever and ever and ever!!

Carl Adolf "Max" von Sydow is a Swedish actor, who has held French citizenship since 2002. He has starred in many films and had supporting roles in dozens more in many languages, including Swedish, ... Wikipedia

Born: April 10, 1929 (age 84), Lund, Sweden


You can learn a lot about people by how they handle a simple ritual like skoaling. The ritual is rigid, set in stone and unvarying. The art of the skoal discovers the person behind the toast by differences they bring to such a rigid format. With the skoal, like a symphony or a sonata, it’s the structure itself that allows for the art.


1. Skoaling is serious business. Don’t be goofy; don’t smile like it’s prom night. On the other hand, there is no reason to be morose or look like a psycho. Remember: You are sharing a drink–and a little bit of yourself—with the viewer.

2. For inspiration, look at Max. Photo 1: “Hey, I’ve got something to tell you.” Photo 2: “Hold on a sec.” Photo3: “Done told you.”

3. Don’t try to be Max. Only Max is Max. Be yourself. We want to learn about you, not your ability to do an impression.

4. Try to look nice. See rule 1.

5. Remember to hold the glass in the right position. Remember to knock the drink all the way back. Remember to bring the glass back to its initial position.

Haha -- "Done told you." I love that!

This is the post where we might document how eye contact matters and is more influential:  all my Viking friends were always adamant about that part of the toast.

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