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How I feel on a daily basis... - Imgur

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Where's the Designer? Out getting coffee?

Why? The programmer knows what to do....:)

taking the picture ;-)

Arthur, good answer.

Sergey, SOMEONE had to design that hole.

Programmer can't just dig an undesigned hole. That would be chaos. :)

1. Someone had a "vision".

2. He spoke to his friends and they decided to build a "quick prototype" just to validate the "idea".

3. So they found a programmer on local hackathon and told him they need to build a "quick prototype".

Since they all know what to do and broke down the responsibilities, the programmer just needs to implement this...

4. He started from digging a hole....:)

I think I've seen this before!

Admittedly, it was for a tree swing, not a hole:


ha! we stated...

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