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How Tinder Solved Online Dating for Women

How Tinder Solved Online Dating for Women The Cut


The app is simple: You’re served a succession of photos of people who meet your age, gender, and location criteria. You swipe right if you want to meet someone, and swipe left if you don’t. If you both swipe right, you can message each other.

1) It's fast and casual

2) Users get to do exactly what we all do in social settings anyway: judge people based on appearance alone.

3) Women are using it, and in roughly the same way as men.

4) Women like the fact that with Facebook data comes social accountability.  Tinder shows you if you have mutual friends, who can offer further vetting.

5) When the profile goes away, so does much of the stress. “I wasn't really open to the idea of strangers (or even worse, friends) coming across an online profile with me describing in depth,” says a 26-year-old woman

6) Tinder also solves the inbox onslaught problem women face on conventional dating sites, where some men send messages en masse, overwhelming female users

7) Tinder doesn’t allow people to message each other with photos.  This is a perk that gay users have come to appreciate as well. “It's just way more mainstream” than Grindr, one friend told me. “The whole dick pic thing is not part of it.”

8) Tinder is fun.  “It didn't feel like offering yourself on a plate to a collection of the world's ‘lonelies,’”  “Tinder was just this funny but also kind of exciting and socially acceptable thing I could do, and with low expectations,”

9) If you haven’t sunk hours into meticulously creating a profile that you hope conveys the “real you,” then you aren’t as hurt when you’re rejected.

10) Even online dating veterans crave the serendipity of meeting a partner “organically,” without the comparison-shopping pressure to determine whether he or she is soul-mate material.

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Tinder does not have the same definition of "solved" that I do.

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