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Path taking a new Path with premium usage


I'm not sure I see the value, but then again, I don't really know what a sticker pack is.  I'm assuming a camera filter is what Instagram gives away for free.  I like the ad-free stuff, but not sure $15 for 12 months is the right price.  

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If you don't know what stickers are then Path marketing has failed. 

I think I don't use chat, so maybe that's the issuer.

Speaking of which, Instagram is on my unlike list today too.  I finally felt empowered to take my instagram account back on my phone instead of monitoring my kid's account.  I find the obscure logout, log back in and it says it doesn't like my account information.   I try another couple of combinations of passwords and then I finally give up and hit reset password. First reset password try?  Sorry, you can't use passwords you've previously used.  Why the F not??Second reset password try?  Sorry, you don't have enough numbers or characters in your password. Who FN cares?  It's not like I'm protecting the Mona Lisa or anything. Third reset password try?  Sorry, you can't change your password to your existing password.  Ding! Ding! Ding!  Well then, WTF, I'll just login using my existing password. 

And speaking of sad software too, my iphone5 itunes11 music list is on my unlike list.  No matter what I do, I have this list of songs on icloud/ishare that I don't like, but have been allocated to me because I bought them.  Autofill somehow got turned on when I upgraded to itunes11.  I couldn't figure out why in my car I kept getting crappy ass songs that I own but would never put on my iphone on my phone.  After hours of combinations of hiding icloud songs, deleting ones I didn't want, setting the settings on my phone and itunes to force it to manage manually, but still not have it do so, etc.  I finally came to a truce with the FN software.  I hide the cloud songs, force itunes to manage it manually, set the autofill settings to just books with zero space. 

I like the old days of just deleting something and its gone, but you can redownload it if you want, but your phone doesn't NOT do what you want it to. 

Now I'm convinced Instagram is completely broken. I'm getting push notifications from an account that I signed out of over 24 hours later.   If that's not a problem--if not a major privacy breach--I don't know what is.  

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