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The next time you're bored in transit, I have a really interesting activity for you to try

commuting nyc subway

Getting along with people. In a crowded public place, like a subway for instance, there are many opportunities for presumably rude things to happen. Someone bumps into you by accident, gets the seat before you, doesn't make room for you to exit. It's crowded, and it can be hot. You may be in a rush to get somewhere really important.Naturally, if you are walking around the world with the mentality that everyone else is just a compilation of bodies in your way, your body language and verbal language will communicate that. Others that meet your gaze will be more likely to mirror these same reactions. If you believe that all people are assholes, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.The next time you're bored in transit, I have a really interesting activity for you to try:Try to become a psychic for a few minutes.Let your imagination flow. Make up stories in your head about the people you see. Look closely at the expressions people have on their faces, look at what they're doing, and try to understand them. What was their past like? What do they feel right now?Sitting across from me is a tall, Middle Eastern looking man with tan skin. He is well dressed, probably about 50 years old, yet looks a bit down on his luck. I imagine what his life might be like.Perhaps he's not happy with his job. Maybe he's lonely. I wonder how many times a day people discriminate against him for things that are out of his control. For a moment, for just a brief moment, I wish that I could trade places with him for a little while. This man has had a hard life. I'd like to take on the brunt of his suffering for a bit. As a white man, I constantly think about the unfair circumstances that allow me to have never once been the person randomly selected to be searched at the airport. If he was standing, I might offer him my seat.

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Thoughtful and thought provoking. Thank you for posting this.

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