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Mega-SERP: A Visual Guide to Google

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Want to know what all that stuff on a Google search results page is? Take a look at this clearly explained visual guide.

Google results have gotten really, really complicated:

Let's dive into these 24 distinct features, which I've grouped into five color-coded buckets: "Local," "Advertising," "Knowledge Graph," "Vertical," and "General." Each feature includes, where available, the prevalence of that feature across MozCast's 10K query set. The first percentage is by unique queries, and the second (in parentheses) is by query volume. Up first are the local features.

I had no idea that Google has SO MANY advertising and paid results:

Advertising includes both the traditional AdWords blocks and the newer, paid inclusion results. Keep in mind that the presence of advertising is highly variable and depends on factors like competition, time of day, seasonality, etc. The numbers below should only be taken as rough estimates.

(C) AdWords Ads (Top) – 72.2% (72.8%)The top-left AdWords block (above organic results) is easily the most common, and it ranges from one to three results. Ad formats are becoming much richer, as you can see from the Mega-SERP example, which includes both photos and site-links.

(D) Shopping Results (Left) – 18.2%* (19.0%)Paid shopping results usually appear as a horizontal block of product images and links, but Google is testing variations. Shopping results can appear in either the left or right column, and are typically at the top. Our system currently only tracks total shopping results, and doesn't separate the data for left vs. right.

(R) AdWords Ads (Bottom) – 16.5% (14.9%)The bottom AdWords block is very similar to the top block, and can contain up to three results.

(T) Shopping Results (Right)Most shopping results on the right look the same as results on the left, but there are some noticeable exceptions, such as paid product placement for a single product. Those variations are still the minority of cases, but expect Google to experiment a lot in the near future.

(W) AdWords Ads (Right) – 42.4% (41.6%)The right-hand column block of ads has the highest count, and can contain up to eight AdWords ads. These ads typically have very few enhancements or added features. AdWords ads always seem to start at the top and then either flow into the right column or bottom section (never both, at least in our data).

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