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How to care for introverts...

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Ha. So true,

Hmmm, are these introverts or 3 year olds? How about if we just treat everyone like adults and expect them to deal? Which means a few of these rules apply to everyone, and the rest fall under "I am not your mommy, I'm your boss."

Also, in my experience introverts think and react to events just as fast as extraverts... they just don't express themselves as loudly around people they don't know.

My first reaction was similar -- this graphic is missing the most important thing:


#5 ("don't interrupt them") is a much weaker version of this.

I've seen this infographic around for a while. I think the author (like many others) confuses traits of the 'introverted' with 'aspie' and at least 6 of these can be condensed down to "Do not force a context shift suddenly or arbitrarily"

ditto, Joyce. Respect and known expectations are two good ways to get everyone on the same foot.

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