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The San Francisco Exodus - Gabriel Metcalf - The Atlantic Cities

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Move to the East Bay, young man...

Or south to Sunnyvale and San Jose...

Do they mention that SF public schools are notably shitty? I have tons of friends who loved it there until they had kids reach school age... and then in addition to all the other problems, it just becomes impossible to afford the rents AND private schools.

No. I've found that the people who complain most about SF rents are single and unmarried. You're right about rent + school tuitions being tough to pull off. Most of my friends have had to pull off all sorts of maneuvers to get their kids into schools. It's like that everywhere demand for a school exceeds supply, and everyone competing with you is worth 7+ figures. Ugh.Great observation. I bet if Oakland focused solely on providing the best in early age education they would draw in many many people.

Unfortunately Oakland is in a giant hole education-wise that they may never be able to get out of.

At least not while the city is as poor as it is.

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