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Could This Damage Your Car? Investigation of "Engine Flush" upsell | NBC Southern California

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When our undercover person asks, "is that something that Honda recommends?" Than technician says, "It requires it every two years, every 30,000 miles."

That's not true. Our car's maintenance schedule says nothing about an engine flush.

"After engine flushes, there's a pretty high incidence of some damage to the interior of the engine," Chris Martin of Honda tells NBC Los Angeles.

That's why Honda issued a memo to mechanics advising them not to perform engine flushes. Other major car-makers, including Ford, General Motors, and Nissan have all issued similar advisories against the service.

Why? Over time, gummy deposits can build up inside your engine. The chemicals used for engine flush, are supposed to break up those deposits. But car-makers say, pieces of that broken up sediment can clog up other parts of the engine and ruin it.


"you don't need it done on that car yet,i wouldn't have it done until the car has way more miles than that on it,they do this to get extra money sometimes,but i don't recommend doing it with low miles on a car its not necessary ,good luck.

Source(s):been a certified mechanic for 37 yrs."

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