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A Windy Path into Venture | @semil's blog

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Writer, advisor, and current EIR at Javelin Venture Partners - Semil Shah's latest post...

Hey @semil, hope it's okay to stick your image up there (since there weren't any images accompanying this post.) Thanks for providing a peek into your journey thus far.

BTW, Adam, I still love the Pandawhale logo that's the default image if there isn't one.

Thanks Lisa! I'm sure Semil is cool with your using his likeness here.

I'd never even heard of Javelin Venture Partners until Semil joined them.

So he put them on the map, for me.

Hey there. Thanks for reading. I'm only two days in, but generally spending my time doing four things:

1. Finding interesting companies

2. Participating in pitches, decisions, diligence.

3. Mapping two key areas as an exercise for the firm.

4. Spending time with 5 specific portfolio companies.

EIR roles, from what I gather, are different at various places, so what I've listed above may not be the case for other EIRs. Some of them may focus on their own idea to start a new company, or may spend time with the portfolio, etc.

Thanks Semil. (I had been thinking more like this....)

That's pretty similar to what Charlie O'Donnell and Yee Lee have said.

The main pitfalls of EIR are pollution, tagging, and distraction, so please be careful.

Remember that if anything bothers you, you can always meditate.


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