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Oct 2013 MAUs: LinkedIn 160M. Twitter 230M. Zynga 232M. WeChat 236M. WhatsApp 300M. Chrome 750M. Yahoo 800M. Facebook 1.15B.

Monthly active users: LinkedIn: 160M. Twitter: 230M. Zynga: 232M. WeChat: 236M. WhatsApp: 300M. Chrome: 750M. Yahoo: 800M. Facebook: 1,150M
3:18 PM Oct 15 2013

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0. Still plenty of upside for Imgur (100M), BuzzFeed (85M), Reddit (70M), Path (?), and Snapchat (?).

1. LinkedIn will never have the engagement of other services, but their business model does not need it.

2. Twitter has way fewer active users than they should. The mainstream still does not understand Twitter.

3. Zynga still has a long way to fall.

4. WeChat and WhatsApp numbers suggest that messaging will be deeply fragmented for a long time.

5. Chrome is poised to become the first browser with a billion users.

6. Yahoo has a lot of consumers. Now what?

7. Half of the Internet is on Facebook. No wonder Facebook needs to get more people on the Internet.

Still plenty of upside for PandaWhale, too, at 12 million monthly uniques and counting.

how many users is that? or is every visitor a user?

Every visitor is a user. A person does not need to register to use PandaWhale.

Willing/able to share what % of the 12M m u PW users are logged in / have an account?

Not even 1%. There are only 3500 registered accounts. We're very much a power law website.

The vast majority of people on PandaWhale just consume.

Wow.  While that makes sense for a site like this, I still wouldn't have guessed it.

12 million monthly unique visitors!? Holy crap!

I know, right? And still growing...

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