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Too Much Perfume? Fragrance Etiquette Tips Everyone Should Know

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I learned something new:

Another thing to keep in mind with perfume or cologne application is that you, because you're surrounded by the scent, stop smelling it long before it wears off. You should wait a few hours minimum before you reapply your perfume or cologne. Actually the more you apply the more it tends to knock out your own sense of smell so that you can no longer judge how you smell. If you need to recalibrate your perfume or cologne application, ask a friend if he she can smell your scent.

My gym prohibits wearing of scents.   I can only imagine what precipitated that rule.

So you're stuck with air that smells like a combination of everyone's perspiration?

It's a well ventilated space but every now and then it smells like a pile of sneakers.

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