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Diego Maradona Claims Pele's FIFA Award 'Isn't Worth S***' | Bleacher Report

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"Maradona was voted the Player of the 20th Century in 2000 after a large public vote, while Pele was handed a separate award by FIFA.

Per ESPNFC, he is still not ready to put his feud with Pele to bed.

In 2000 I won the Player of the Century award thanks to the people. Pele was second. He also came second behind [Ayrton] Senna as Brazil's greatest sportsman.

The award that FIFA gave Pele isn't worth s---.

The latest quotes are just a continuation of the classless battle the pair have waged through the media for some time, with the arguments claiming column inches across the world's media.

Back in February, per, Maradona accused his Brazilian rival of "saying stupid stuff when he takes the wrong pills."

Pele, meanwhile, claimed in 2009 that Maradona couldn't be the best player ever as "he couldn't kick well with his right foot and he didn't score headed goals," per Rob Draper of the Daily Mail."

Sports icons behaving badly.

I have no idea who Maradona is.  I knew who Pele is.  He popularized soccer throughout the world and fascinated people with Soccer more than Magic Johnson did with Basketball.   Speaking of which, Magic is never mentioned as basketball's greatest player, but he is by far the most influential.   

Pele 10 best goals:

Maradona 10 best goals:

Thanks for the amazing vids.  These guys make it look so easy!

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