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Millennials on social media: Young people are incredibly savvy about Internet privacy.

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Actually, it's increasingly evident that millennials are more concerned about their online privacy than older generations of Internet users are. The market research firm Harris Interactive recently surveyed 2,022 American adults on their online privacy habits on behalf of It found that the youngest Internet users are the most likely to have “conducted an online search they wish to keep private from others.” Seventy-eight percent of users aged 18-34 expressed a wish for privacy, compared to 59 percent of users 35 and up. The results conform to a recent report by the Pew Internet and American Life project, which found that the youngest social media users surveyed (those aged 18 to 29) are more likely to have cleared their browser histories, deleted or edited past social media postings, set their browsers to disable cookies, declined to use a website that required them to go by their real name, and employed a temporary username or email address to hide their identity online. A 2007 Pew report found that among teenagers who use the Internet, only 6 percent "post their first and last names on publicly-accessible profiles."

These findings match up with some anecdotal evidence, too. Ars Technica editor-at-large Jacqui Cheng wrote on Medium last month about the young students she’s worked with in Chicago schools who are even better versed in privacy options than adult techies are. The teenagers “were extremely savvy with privacy on social media, sometimes to the point of bafflement,” Cheng wrote. One intriguing teen strategy: “Many teens ‘delete’ their Facebook accounts altogether every time the rest of us would just log out,” Cheng writes. “They’re taking advantage of the fact that Facebook actually keeps much of your account information on its servers when you decide to ‘leave’ the service, allowing them to stay under the radar from a nosy friend, parent, or public searches while they’re not online. Their photos disappear and their status updates go on the down-low—at least until the next time they log back in by re-activating their accounts.”

Millennials don't curate or they curate anonymously?  

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